Frequently Asked Questions
How does Cross Pixel's program work?
Cross Pixel's Audience Cooperative offers sites with a focused audience the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream through targeted off-site ad placement. We provide you with a tag, which is placed in a universal area of your site's source code and allows Cross Pixel to anonymously identify a user (ex User 1234) as having previously visited your site. The tag does not collect any personally identifiable information and simply allows us to identify User 1234 as, for example, a tech, fashion, sports, etc, enthusiast. For the next 30 days after User 1234 leaves your site, we are then able to deliver relevant display ads from our advertising partners to User 1234 across a network of 6,500+ sites. For each ad impression served to your previous visitors (no click or conversion necessary) you will earn revenue, enabling you to monetize your outgoing traffic. The program is not a direct ad placement to your site and therefore does not utilize any of your site's ad inventory. Once you implement our tag on your site, it will take about 30 days for the cookie pool to build. After this build period, your site's data will be applied to as many relevant advertising campaigns as possible. To learn more about how Cross Pixel works, please visit our Cross Pixel Demo.
Why should I join?

By participating in the program, you will be given free access to our online audience indexing tools. In addition to tracking the daily number of unique visitors to your site, you will see insights on how your site's audience correlates to the entire audience in the Cross Pixel network. As the focus on data increases, our tools will offer useful intelligence on your site's traffic. Further, you will have the opportunity to earn revenue. Typically, sites with at least 10,000 unique visitors per month will accrue revenue. Earnings are determined by a number of factors, including the number of unique monthly users, number of active campaigns, the size of the advertising campaigns and the subject matter of your web site. Please see the chart below to get an estimate of your site's earnings potential.

# Monthly Unique Site Visitors

3 Campaigns

7 Campaigns

10 Campaigns

















Please note these are rough estimates and advertiser spends and, therefore, earnings often vary. We cannot predict your site's actual usage or earnings - the best way to find out how much you'll earn is to sign up and make your audiences available to the advertising community.

Will ads appear on my site?
No, the user experience on your site is completely unaffected. We identify your audience so that ads can be presented on other websites, as your audience navigates the web. You earn revenue every time an ad is shown (no click or conversion necessary) to one of your valuable site visitors when they are on other web sites. Cross Pixel's Audience Cooperative program does not utilize your site's existing inventory and, therefore, does not conflict with your other advertising initiatives.
How do I place the tag?
Tag implementation is very easy. Simply place the tag, via copy-and-paste, into a universal section of your site's source code, like the header or footer. Your unique site tag, along with additional implementation instructions, will be provided once you have been approved.
Will the tag affect my site?
No. Our tag was developed in house with a focus on site performance. The tag is considered to be asynchronous or "polite load", in that all of your content, ads, and tracking technology load first, and we load at the end, ensuring Cross Pixel's technology won't hold your page load time. Cross Pixel's tag is programmed to time out after 200ms if it fails to load, thereby ensuring peak site performance for our partners.
How does reporting work? What is the Partner Dashboard?
Once your application is approved, you will receive your unique tag for implementation on your site. After the tag has been live on your site for at least 30 days, you will receive a link and login to the Partner Dashboard. Cross Pixel's Partner Dashboard provides monthly revenue reporting and free audience insights, as well as daily audience traffic statistics. For a demo of our insights, visit our Cross Pixel Insights Demo. Please note your daily audience count should be available immediately but it can take 6-8 weeks for the audience insights to appear. Revenues are published in the Partner Dashboard within 40 days after the end of each calendar month.
Is Cross Pixel compliant with privacy laws?
Cross Pixel takes privacy very seriously. We are an active member of the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative), the industry standard in privacy regulation, and also the central hub for consumers to opt-out of behavioral targeting. In order to be compliant with NAI standards, we require partners to include an opt-out link and the appropriate language in your terms and conditions. If you need assistance, we can provide the link and language when you sign up. Additionally, the AdChoices icon allows the user the choice to opt-out of further targeting.
What are the benefits of partnering with Cross Pixel?
New revenue stream
No cost
Easy implementation
Free audience insights
Free daily audience traffic statistics
Exposure of your site to potential new advertisers